Manial Palace Museum

Manial Palace Museum


The Museum of Prince Muhammad Ali’s Palace in Manial is one of the most beautiful and important historical museum in Egypt. The museum exhibits an important period in the history of modern Egypt and is characterized by its architectural design. Its modern Islamic style merges with Persian and Mamluk elements. It was also inspired by Syrian, Moroccan and Andalusian motifs, as well as Ottoman style. The building thus harmonises between a number of Islamic architectural traditions.

The palace of Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfik was established between 1319- 1348 AH/ 1900-1929 AD and consists of an outer wall that surrounds the entrance to the palace. Inside the walls is the reception area, the clock tower, the Sabil, the mosque, the hunting museum, living quarters, the throne hall, the private museum, and the golden hall, in addition to the wonderful garden surrounding the palace.










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FOREIGNER: adults : EGP 100/ students: EGP 50 EGYPTIANS & ARABAS: adults: EGP 20/ students: EGP 5 -Photo shot tickets (by camera ) : Egyptians: EGP 20 Foreigners: EGP 50 -Video: EGP 300 -Photo session: EGP 800

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The tickets window closes at 4.15 PM


Private photography is permitted inside the museum after paying ticketfees. - Please refrain from taking video recordings (phone, cameras) in the galleries unless you have paid the appropriate ticket fees. - Taking photographs and video recordings for commercial use (TV, cinema, programmes, advertising, documentary clips, et) are permitted only after obtaining permissionfrom the concerned authority and paying the daily rate. Photograghy Policies: - To be in official work hours - In open places only to visit without crossing the barriers -The wedding photography session is restricted to the groom-the-bride-photographer only - Please refrain from taking photographs of other visitors or staff as it may violate their personal rights. - Please refrain from using tripods or monopods except for permitted commercial use

Free tickets

1. Seniors aged 60 and over 2- special needs 3- Orphaned children 4- Public schools trips primary and preparatory school

Visitor tips

1_ video is allowed 2_ cross the barriers is not allowed . 3_ Don't touch anything in the museum. 4_ Eating and Drinking is not allowed (halls only) 5_ Sneakers are more comfortable during the tour. 6_ Garden is not within the tour .


With regards to the students of Art Faculties, please conduct yourself respectively in regards to the following:  The use of pens and pen markersare prohibited in all galleries: only pencils may be used in taking notes or sketching.  Sketchbooksexceeding 18 x 24 inches are not permitted.  Please do not hinder visitor traffic flow in the galleries by blocking visitors or walking paths.


 In times of emergency such as an earthquake or fire, please follow the instructions of museum staff.  In the event of an earthquake, please move away from large sculptures, displaycases, and other objects that may fall down.

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lecture room, events hall (golden hall), open air place for events (the garden), temporary exhibitions hall (private museum).





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