The Ministry is doing a promotional film

The Ministry is doing a promotional film
Egyptian Star Khaled El-Nabawi to promote cultural tourism
Dr. Khaled El Enany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, met  the international Egyptian actor Khaled El Nabawi, at the Pyramid of Djoser, in Saqqara archeological site. The Ministry is doing a promotional film, that will star Khaled El-Nabawi about the Egyptian civilization and will be filmed in a number of archaeological sites, as part of its plan to promote Egyptian destinations and raise awareness among citizens. In addition to introducing the ancient Egyptian civilization, to Egyptians and promote Egypt on an Arab and international scale. The aim is to showcase Egypt’s tourism offerings, especially cultural tourism, which is very important for Egyptian tourism.
The Ministry chose El-Nabawi to star in the film because he had launched a campaign to promote Egypt’s tourist and archaeological sites, called "Come to Egypt", to invite tourists from all over the world to visit Egypt. This, in addition to his participation in a number of international films.
It is worth noting that during the past few months, the Ministry has produced a number of promotional films for domestic, Arab and international tourists, including the song "Egypt, The Land of Beauty", which the ministry launched, on the the New Year 2021, to highlight the beauty of Egypt and its touristic attractions, inviting everyone to visit Egypt; the promotional film “A tourist’s trip in Egypt, "which was launched by the Ministry to promote various Egyptian tourist destinations, in addition to shedding light on the precautionary measures implemented in airports, hotels, archeological sites and museums.
The Ministry has also published a number of short promotional films on its social media platforms to promote the diverse Egyptian tourist destinations, and has launched paid campaigns on Egyptian social media platforms and in the main Arab and international markets exporting tourism to Egypt.