Sunken Monuments

Eastern Harbor

Eastern Harbor

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria was once a thriving city among the most prominent cities in the ancient world, and the capital of Ptolemaic Egypt. The eastern harbor was the royal port of Alexandria and once had palaces, temples and the legendary Pharos Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, the remains of the city have been submerged under the Mediterranean Sea.

The most prominent monument from the harbor was the Pharos Lighthouse that was commissioned by Ptolemy I Soter I in 297 B.C, and that was a landmark in the ancient city. The lighthouse stood 130 meters tall and had a beacon that guided ships to the port from up to 50 kilometers at sea. The beacon consisted of a fire that was reflected off of a massive bronze mirror. The lighthouse deteriorated with time and after an earthquake in the 14th Century, it collapsed.

Recent excavations at the harbor discovered a marble floor believed to be part of Cleopatra’s palace. A temple to Isis, sphinxes and statues were also found at the harbor submerged on the seabed. Continued excavations at the site will undoubtedly reveal a lot more.