“Hekayetna" initiative

“Hekayetna"  initiative
The Ministry launches “Hekayetna" initiative to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among school students
Last week, the Department of Cultural Development and Community Communication in the Office of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities launched an initiative titled “Hekayetna" (Our story)in cooperation with the public and technical education sectors of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.
Dr. Rasha Kamal, Director of the Department, said that this Initiative is part of the annual agenda of the department, which aims to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among school students at all educational stages, by implementing a number of visits to tourist and archaeological sites in various Egyptian provinces, and linking these visits to local and international events and modern archaeological discoveries.
She explained that the first phase of this initiative is to highlight the efforts in the tourism and antiquities sector to preserve our heritage, where the administration launched a competition for students of 22 schools to choose the best videos and audio recordings illustrated by students in Arabic, English, French and German about royal mummies that were transported in a majestic parade the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.
Six schools won the competition; the award was an introductory tour of the students who made these recordings inside the Central Exhibition Hall and the Mummies Hall of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and the distribution of certificates of honor.
Dr. Rasha Kamal pointed out that the administration also organized a visit to a number of other students of schools in Cairo and Giza provinces to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, and another visit of students from schools of Qena and Luxor to the temples of Karnak and Luxor in Luxor governorate, with the aim of providing them with adequate information about royal mummies since their discovery in luxor, the places they have exhibited in during the past years until their recent trip to their permanent display place at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.
Dr. Mustafa Al-Saghir, who supervises the Karnak antiquities area, said that during the trip, a number of students wore clothes inspired by ancient Egyptian costumes, and carried banners printing pictures and names of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt whose mummies were transported by in the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade that took place on 3 April.