Five days after the Inauguration of the Dome of Al Imam Al Shafie's

Five days after the Inauguration of the Dome of Al Imam Al Shafie's
Mausoleum, hundreds of Egyptian and foreign visitors flocked to the dome with all hygiene safety measures implemented.
Dr. Osama Talat, head of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish antiquities sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the number of visitors on Friday reached nearly 500 visitors, pointing out that today all visitors were keen to see all parts of the dome expressing their great admiration for the restoration of the dome, and the use of a modern lighting system to highlight its artistic and archaeological beauty, and the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to preserve various Egyptian monuments.
It is worth mentioning that the mausoleum dome of Al Imam Al Shafie underwent restoration work for nearly five years at a cost of more than 22 million pounds, as part of the framework of the "Athar lina" Initiative, with the support of the American Ambassadors Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and with the additional support of the Barakat Foundation, the Prince Klaus Fund and the A Foundation.
External restoration work included the restoration of ornate plaster, as well as interior works, including the restoration of colored wood, colored marble taxiing, construction repairs of buildings, roof restoration and tiling, as well as a range of special restoration work such as the restoration of wooden coffins, compartments, lead cabs, and deca: the boat above the dome. The lighting system has also been developed and illustrative panels explaining the dome and its components to visitors have been added, as well as the dome building and its decorative details.
In 1211 A.D., this mausoleum dome was built at the top of the tomb Al Imam Al Shafie, one of the four imams and founder of Al Shafie doctrine, judge, jurist, traveler and poet. During the reign of Saladin, he built the Shafie soil in 572 Ah /1176 AD, the first building based on the Tomb of Al Shafie. The current mausoleum is attributed to the full Ayyubid Sultan Muhammad, who was built in the place of a former Fatimid shrine after his mother was buried there in 608 Ah | In 574 Ah / 1178 AD, the work of the wooden coffin above the soil was completed. It is decorated with geometric fillings engraved with a very perfect inscription, written on it Qur'anic verses and translation of the life of Al Shafie and the name of its maker (Obaid al-Najjar) in Kufic scripts and Ayyubid copies, while the current wooden dome is one of the renovations carried out by Sultan Qaitbay in 885 Ah / 1480 AD, and the mausoleum also renewed Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri, and was also renovated by the Governor of Egypt Ali Bey al-Kabir.