Discovery of Three Coffins in Asasif

Discovery of Three Coffins in Asasif

The French archaeological mission headed by d. Frederic Colin, of the University of Strasbourg and the French Institute of Oriental Archeology working in the area of the Assassif Antiquitie discovered three wooden coffins, in the courtyard of the cemetery, No. 33.

This was stated by Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explaining that the three sarcophagi date to the 18th Dynasty, and are in a good state of preservation, containing coloured decorations and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Fathi Yassin, Director General of Antiquities of the Western mainland in Luxor, said that the first sarcophagus belongs to a woman named Ti-Abu and is 195 cm in length, also colorful decorations and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

The second sarcophagus is about 190 cm long, painted in yellow, with columns of hieroglyphic inscriptions on a white background. It belongs to a woman named Rao, and the third sarcophagus about 180 cm long with a plaster layer, white colors and brown columns, and the sarcophagus is devoid of any writings.
It is noteworthy that this second season of the work of the French archaeological mission, where during the first season unveiled a sandstone painting engraved with three texts to offer offerings and names of two senior statesmen, Titi Ankh and Anini, owner of the tomb of TT81, and a wooden coffin for a person called "Boya" Dating back to the 18th Dynasty.