Solar alignment on the temples of Karnak

Solar alignment on the temples of Karnak
The temples of Karnak yesterday witnessed the celebration of the solar alignment on the main axis of the Karnak Temple, a phenomenon that occurs on December 21 of each year, which coincides with the beginning of the winter season.
Dr. Mostafa Al-Sagheer, Director of the Karnak Temple, explained that this phenomenon reveals how advanced the ancient Egyptians skill was in combining astronomy with architecture, and their precision in continuing with it during the 2000 years it took to build the Karnak Temple. He added that the sun rises above the sacred boat of Amun Ra which was built by King Philip Arhidaeus, brother of Alexander the Great, is perpendicular to the main axis of Karnak extending from east to west, penetrating the entrances from the sixth to the first pylons, as well as the great hypostyle hall so that the visitor can see it at the port of Karnak in front of the main facade of the temple.
He added that the event witnessed a large turnout of Egyptian and foreign visitors who attended and watched the phenomenon. He said that Mr Mustafa Elham, the governor of Luxor, and a number of security and local officials also attended. He emphasized that precautionary measures were taken in the form of social distancing, wearing masks and using disinfectants.
The celebration activities included performances by folk dancers, boy scouts, and music by the Misr Company for Sound and Light.