Sharm al-Sheikh Museum

Sharm al-Sheikh Museum

South Sinai

The idea for the museum, was first suggested in 2006, and in 2017 construction was complete.

The museum’s display scenario broadly reflects the different aspects of human civilization and culture in general, while shedding light specifically on ancient Egyptian civilization. This is done through a selection of historical objects that were carefully chosen from museum storage rooms.

The museum’s Grand Hall presents a history of humans and wildlife in ancient Egypt, and highlights ancient Egyptian civilization’s preoccupation with science, mathematics, industry, crafts, family life, and love for animals to the point of reverence. To showcase this point, animal the Grand Hall is where animal mummies are displayed.

In the Hall of Civilization are displayed the beautiful inner and outer coffins of Isetemheb, the wife of the high-priest of AmunPanedjem II, who was herself a priestess of Isis, Min, and Horus in Akhmim. Notable also are Isetemheb’scanopicjars,papyrus collection, cosmetics,and perfume vessels, the head of a statue of Hatshepsut, and tanagrafigurines depicting women wearing a variety of dresses, in addition to objects that display Sinai’s cultural heritage.










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FOREIGNERS: Adult: EGP 200 / Student: EGP 100 Photography ( Personal Use – Without Flash ) : EGP 50 Camera Holder : EGP 20 EGYPTIANS/ARABS: Adult: EGP 40 / Student: EGP 20 Photography ( Personal Use – Without Flash ) : EGP 20 Camera Holder : EGP 10 Audio tour: 30 EGP

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Visit Hours

Museum Hours every day: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (ticket window closes at 12:00 pm) Evening Hours: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm (ticket window closes at 10:00 pm)

General Policies

- Please do not touch any exhibits or showcases. - Food and drinks are not allowed within the galleries, except for small water bottles. - Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum. - Please refrain from disorderly, disruptive, and offensive language or actions. - Please be mindful of others, and be quiet when using your cell phone. - Audio players are not permitted throughout the museum. - For the safety of the exhibits, please do not use flashlights or laser pointers inside the museum. - Appropriate attire is requested. - Please do not lay down on seats or on the floor, and do not remove your shoes. - Please follow all posted signs and visitor instructions.


- Private photography is permitted inside the museum after paying ticketfees. - Please refrain from taking photographs of other visitors or staff as it may violate their personal rights. - Please refrain from taking video recordings (cell phone, cameras) in the galleries unless you have paid the appropriate ticket fees. - Taking photographs and video recordings for commercial use (TV, cinema, programmes, advertising, documentary clips, et) are permitted only after obtaining permissionfrom the concerned authority and paying the daily rate. - Please refrain from using flash photography. - Please refrain from using camera holder until after purchasing its ticket.


 In times of emergency such as an earthquake or fire, please follow the instructions of museum staff.  In the event of an earthquake, please move away from large sculptures, displaycases, and other objects that may fall down.

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