Throne hall

Throne hall

* The architectural ottoman  type likes the one at Bosphorus banks.

* The inner decoration is Turkish and Rococo.

* Consists of two floors, the first includes the throne hall, probably the construction 0f this room was a desire of prince “Mohamed Ali” to make the “Alawi family” remember that he was the only one who has the right to reign after his father” Kedive Tawfik” and his brother “Abbes Helmy II”.

* The ceiling decorated with sunbeam .

* The sofas and chairs includes the scene of sunbeam and The name of Prince Muhammad Ali is written on its back, reading from right to left and back

* There was some portraits for formal royal family.

The upper floor:-

* This floor includes Abison Saloon typed by the way of Louise 15.

* Concerning the two rooms, first one called faience saloon, floor covered by Turkish carpet, furniture is oriental typed, the most important contents is the blue and white porcelain Chinese vases.

*The second hall is located inside the first hall, and its roof and walls are covered with panels of wood.

Prince mohammed  Ali

Prince mohammed Ali

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