The Residence Palace

The Residence Palace

First floor :-

* In the middle the fountain foyer , walls covered by faience tiles made in “Kutahya” in turkey , similar to fountain foyer in “Alhambra” Palace in” Granada” in Spain .

* The most important precious master piece in the foyer the English clock with several tones and brass censer.

Dinning Room:-

* Below the ceiling there was Kufic writing from Qur’an texts, chairs are short because the prince was short man, it took the saddle shape .

Pearl Saloon:-

* The ceiling was covered by a decorated layer of Gypsum, walls covered with faience tile , and floor covered with parquet, furniture took Arab style.

Shakma Room:

* Consists of two parts , Shakma is Turkish word means getting out part of the building , looks like balcony covered by faience tile and contain fire place .

Mirror Hall:-

* The presence of mirrors gives wideness to the place , it contains special chairs with ivory and shell , specific for men who read Qur’an and poetry .

Blue Saloon:-

* Used for family and great personalities meetings , walls covered by blue faience tile made in France .


* Built for private use, there was books in various types of architecture and arts.

The Upper Floor:-

* Includes 2 bedrooms, one for prince Mohamed ali, and the other one for his maid,  where there is wire nets for protection against mosquitoes, and jewellery room .


Prince mohammed  Ali

Prince mohammed Ali

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