Prince mohammed Ali

The Palace is located in beautiful spot on the eastern branch of the Nile, on Rhoda island. It spans a total of 617111 m2, 5000 m2 of which is dedicated to buildings, and 34000 taken up by the garden. The inner paths and garden-works take up 22711 m2. The palace is composed of many sections called the “sarayat,” in addition to several other buildings. They all exhibit architectural decorative elements characteristic of Islamic art and architecture. These “sarayat” contain different rare historical objects. Elements of the palace include: the outer wall surrounding the palace, the residential quarters, the throne room, the private museum, the reception hall, the clock tower, the fountain, the mosque, the hunting museum, the golden room, and the unique garden.
Let's get to know the story of prince Mohammed Ali's Palace Museum.
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Manial Al-Rawda near elsayeda zeinab station

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The palace contains 3 main halls:

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1_smoking in both allowed 2_ video is not allowed ( photos only ) 3_ cross the barriers is not allowed .

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