The minister meets the Czech Minister

The minister meets the Czech Minister

Corresponding today, April 8, 2019, Czech Minister of Culture and transferred delegation, at Minister’s office in Pyramids area.

Czech included Jan Volk, Czech ambassador to Cairo, Marslav Barta, head of beginning in Egypt, and Michael Luksch, director of the Czech National Museum.

The meeting came between ways of cooperation and she continued to participate in field of public relations, as she participates in cooperation and is active in field of work, as she participates in a cooperative partnership, to participate in fields of work, to participate, to participate, to participate, in other areas, in the field of restoring ancient churches.

Dr. welcomed. Al-Anani with Czech Minister of Culture and delegation is attached, His Excellency, where two archaeological missions are working in Egypt in areas of Saqqara and Abusir antiquities.

Czech Minister, Dr. Anani, Czech capital, "Prague", and its museums and archaeological sites.

At end of meeting, two parties gave memorial gifts of archaeological books on Egypt and its various civilizations.