The 12th conference of Egyptian scientists

 The 12th conference of Egyptian scientists

The Minister of Antiquities opened the twelfth conference of Egyptian scientists,which began 3 November,until November 8.

The conference is held periodically every four years to discuss and present the latest Egyptology discoveries.
The number of participants in this course reached 567, including 379 speakers and presenters of research papers, and 188 listeners, and the conference will discuss several researches with the main themes, namely the history of ancient Egypt, the history of Egyptology, and the introduction of modern methods used in the work of archaeological excavations, site management Archaeological restoration, archaeological, technology, and archaeological museums.

This is in addition to art and architecture, language and literature, religious beliefs, and social life in ancient Egypt.

The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, honored a number of archaeologists and some workers in the archaeological field for their work and accomplishments during over the years, including Dr. Zahi Hawass.