Opening of the tombs of Idu and Qar

Opening of the tombs of Idu and Qar

The Ministry of Antiquities inaugurated the two tombs of Idu and Qar in the Eastern Cemetery of the Giza plateau, directly to the east of the Great Pyramid. It will be open for visit after the completion of restoration work.

          This inauguration comes within the framework of the policy of the Ministry of Antiquities to open all archaeological tombs in the region to visitation. Some tombs are currently undergoing restoration, and so are closed during this time, such as the tombs of Seshemnefer IV and Khufukhaf.

          Mr. Ashraf Mohieddin, General Manager of Antiquities of the Pyramid, said that the restoration work in the tomb of Qar included mechanical cleaning of the entire tomb, strengthening the roof at the entrance, and filling the gaps in the upper part of the main hall walls. It is a rock‑cut tomb dating to the Sixth Dynasty, the reign of King Pepi I. Qar was the overseer of the two pyramid towns of Khufu and Menkaure, the inspector of the wab (pure) priests of the pyramid of Khafre, and the tenant of the pyramid of Pepi I. 

          As for the tomb of Idu, Mohieddin indicated that it underwent mechanical cleaning, some parts were strengthened in the ceiling, and the weak and decaying parts of the mudbricks were reinforced in the exterior hall of the tomb. This rock‑cut tomb dates to the reign of the Sixth Dynasty King Pepi I as well. Idu was the son of Qar. His titles were the tenant of the Pyramid of Pepi I, the overseer of the scribes, and the inspector of the wab (pure) priests of the pyramid of Khufu and Khafre.