Egypt under the spotlight

Egypt under the spotlight
International media outlets, newspapers, TV channels and news agencies praised the historic Golden Pharaohs' Parade transferring 22 mummies of kings and queens of Egypt. They described it as an important step in highlighting Egypt's position on the international tourism map.
The event was also trending on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and more than 400 international TV channels, major newspapers and the media outlets covered the event. International media has been closely following the event since its announcement including the preparations done by the Egypt to transfer the mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir until they arrived at their last destination in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Fustat.
People around the world who watched the event described it as a legendary event and that it was a very successful marketing and propaganda campaign for tourism in Egypt that is unprecedented. They said the parade with all its details deserves an award, because of its most beautiful and dazzling performances, dances, clothes and ancient Egyptian music that befits the greatness of our ancestors and the legacy of the Egyptian Civilization.
Among these foreign media outlets are the American Washington Post, US CNN, the British Daily Telegraph, Japan's NHK, the New York Times, Chinese news agencies including Xinhua, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC and other print, audio and visual media outlets.
They pointed out that neither Cairo, nor any other city in the world had ever witnessed such an event. They described it as historical, and that the ceremony was professionally designed and everything was meticulously planned. They also described it as as if it were a "dramatic reenactment".
They explained that the parade which the world witnessed came to shed light on the Egyptian economy and society and the return of tourism to Cairo after the pandemic, and they confirmed that it is part of Egypt's efforts to revive the tourism industry.