A meeting to discuss ways to develop exhibition and conference tourism in Egypt

A meeting to discuss ways to develop exhibition and conference tourism in Egypt
Eng. Ahmed Youssef, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, held a meeting with a number of specialists in the field of various exhibitions and conferences from members of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, and a number of members of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for Incentive Travel Excellence (Site), to discuss ways Developing this type, which is considered an important tourism product.
This comes within the framework of implementing the strategy of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities towards diversifying the various tourism products, in a way that contributes to boosting and revitalizing the tourist movement coming to Egypt.
Eng. Ahmed Youssef started the meeting by stressing that the incentive tourism market, conferences and exhibitions represent an important tourism pattern, as it provides a greater opportunity to highlight the Egyptian tourist destination, especially since Egypt has the infrastructure and all the appropriate and well-qualified components for this unique tourism product.
He also explained that due to the tourism, environmental, therapeutic and cultural factors that Egypt enjoys, in addition to its geographical location and its political and regional position, it is a very distinguished place to host dozens of international conferences annually in all fields, especially since Egypt has conference rooms at the highest level.
During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of providing an electronic guide and a comprehensive booklet on detailed and accurate information about Egyptian companies operating in this field and means of communicating with them, and the presentation of available services, facilities, halls, and spaces for conferences in Egypt, their capacity for access, ways to access them and available means of transportation, in addition to a review of the technology. Available in these halls of modern devices, advanced equipment, screens and display means.
The possibility of making electronic reservations and online registration service available from all over the world for holding conferences was also discussed.
The meeting ended with an agreement to hold several professional meetings in the coming period with decision-makers and major tourism companies operating in this field, to develop a well-studied scientific plan and develop it through continuous coordination between the Ministry and the private sector and the representation of all tourist chambers and the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers.