Brazilian Football Player Daniel Alves and His Wife Joanna Sanz Visit Egypt

Brazilian Football Player Daniel Alves and His Wife Joanna Sanz Visit Egypt

On Monday, the Giza Plateau welcomed the Brazilian football player Daniel Alves and his wife, the famous model Joana Sanz. They were received by the Director General of the Antiquities of the Giza Plateau, Ashraf Mohy al‑Din.

          Mohy al‑Din said that the visit began with a tour of the inside the Great Pyramid, followed by a tour in the Khufu Boat Museum and the Great Sphinx. Alves was astonished by the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization and asked about how the pyramids were built, and how much its stone blocks weigh. He also admired the immensity of the Great Sphinx. The football player and his wife took many memorable photos in the panorama area to commemorate their visit.

          On the next day, Alves and Juan Sanz visited the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square, where they were received by Sabah Abd al‑Razak, Director General of the Museum. Abd al-Razak stated that their visit included a tour of the museum’s collection of Old Kingdom objects, the Yuya and Tuya exhibit, the Tutankhamun collection, and the Royal Mummies Room. Alves expressed his admiration for the museum’s objects, which reflect ancient Egyptian civilization. Here also he was keen on taking many pictures of the exhibits and of him and his wife.

          On the third day, they visited Saqqara, where they were led by the Director General of Saqqara Sabry Farag and the Director of the Monuments of Saqqara Mr. Muhammad Yusuf on a tour of the area. They visited the Step Pyramid, the tomb of Nemtymes, and also the tomb of Wahty, which was discovered by the Egyptian archaeological mission in December of 2018.

          Alves and his wife expressed their joy in visiting the Step Pyramid, which is the oldest truly monumental stone building in the world. They were fascinated by the beauty and splendor of the statues that adorn the tomb of Wahty, as well as its vibrant scenes and colors.

          They then went to Dahshur, where they were received by Mr. Gad al‑Rab, the Director General of Dahshur, and Yasmine Aladdin, the Director of Dahshur Antiquities area. There they visited the southern pyramid of King Snefru, which is also known as the Bent Pyramid, and went inside, where they were amazed by the construction of the pyramid and its interior design.

          They also visited Snefru’s northern pyramid, which is also known as the Red Pyramid, and took memorable photos of the area. They expressed their admiration for Dahshur and its pyramids, all of which bear witness to the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization.