Kafr El-Sheikh Museum

Kafr El-Sheikh Museum

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, since the earliest historical times, had a large share of the contribution to the history of Egyptian civilization due to the presence of the city (Bhutto), which is now known as Tell Al-Faraeen, as it was the first capital of the first organized state in Lower Egypt. The museum aims to display the regional history and many artifacts that have been uncovered about it in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, The museum includes three halls, which include the archaeological holdings that were found in the Great Bhutto Cemetery and the temple area, in which a number of important artifacts were uncovered that embody the story of the conflict between Horus and his uncle Six, in addition to other archaeological sites in Kafr El-Sheikh, including a statue of the deity Horus the Falcon is one of the most amazing statues that have been discovered in Egypt so far, and it is considered a unique copy that can only be matched by the one in the Edfu temple. A hall in the museum was also devoted to displaying the holdings that embody the period of the city of Sakha hosting the journey of the Holy Family during its visit to Egypt, in addition to displaying the history of science during different historical eras such as medicine, veterinary and pharmacy, as well as some topics related to the city of Fuwah, which has a rich Islamic heritage, as it includes all the cultural heritage of Kafr Sheikh as the third heritage city after Cairo and Rasheed.

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