Sabil Umm Abbas

Sabil Umm Abbas

Sabil Umm Abbas is located on al-Saliba Street in SayyidaZaynab, Cairo. It was commissioned by Lady BambaQadin in 1284 AH/ 1867 AD, in memory of her son, ruler of Egypt, Abbas Helmi I (1264-1270 AH/ 1848-1854 AD).

          This sabil is one of beautiful water fountains in Cairo, executed with tremendous care and skill. These were Ottoman in style. The circular facade of this sabil contains four copper windows surmounted with wooden projecting bracket topped with ribbed dome.

          Kuttab (school) was attached to the sabil for teaching Quran to children. It is covered in Arabic and Turkish inscriptions, including a text banner bearing the name of the calligrapher, Abd Allah al-Zuhdi al-Nabulsi. The sabils' walls are covered with marble which carved with floral ornamentation in the European rococo style.



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