Palace of King Amenemhat III

Palace of King Amenemhat III

In 1960, archeologist Shafiq Farid discovered the remains of a large palace complex made out of mud brick. The palace dates to the 12th Dynasty (c.1991–1803 BC), of the Middle Kingdom.

The excavation works have continued by the archaeologists Ahmed el-Sawi, and followed by Mohammed Ibrahim Bakr in the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

It was believed that the palace was the residence of king Amenemhat III when he was in Per Bastet, or of the mayors of the city and the governors of the province, due to the sheer size of the palace, which ranges at around 16,000 square meters.

One can also find a wonderful limestone door lintel discovered inside, which shows king Amenemhat III (c.1860–1815 BC) taking part in his Heb Sed Festival.

The palace included columned porch, colonnaded courtyards, wide halls, and also what appears to be a large kitchen featuring several ovens.