Al-Ghuri’s wikala

Al-Ghuri’s wikala


lies on al-Tablita street in al-Azhar. It is known as wikalat al-nakhla and the misbagha (laundry). Sultan al- Ashraf Abu al-Nasr Qunsuah al-Ghuri established it in 909 AH/ 1503 AD.

The vast majority of the wikala’s architectural features still survive today, thanks to the efforts of the Committee of Conservation of Arab Antiquities to restore the complex in 1357 AH/ 1947 AD.

The wikala consists of an open rectangular courtyard surrounded on all four sides by chambers that go up to five levels. The main façade, which contains the main entrance is on the south. The ground floor contains thirty storage rooms allocated for merchants. The third level contains 29 living quarters for the public. The last two floors served as a motel for travelling merchants.