Virtual Heritage Experience - a digital bridge between Egypt and Italy

Virtual Heritage Experience - a digital bridge between Egypt and Italy

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir
March 7, 2023 - 09:00 AM
March 9, 2023 - 05:00 PM

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir opened a virtual exhibition on virtual heritage between Egypt and Italy.

The exhibition came in the light of the fruitful cooperation between the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and the Italian Embassy in Cairo to support the world cultural heritage, and to involve all groups and spectrums of society to learn about the heritage and culture of their country, in addition to introducing them to the civilization of other peoples and raising their archaeological and cultural awareness.

This initiative comes within the framework of the strategy supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Italian Embassy to enhance the role of the virtual museum to spread tourism, cultural and archaeological awareness, through the use of digital art technology, which is the digital transformation to 360 degrees, 2D digital animation, and interactive virtual reality. 3D, which is an important tool to enhance the importance of cultural heritage, and provide additional opportunities for its preservation, through a virtual journey that allows the visitor to visit some of the most famous cultural and tourist sites in both Cairo and some Italian cities.