117th anniversary of the Prince Muhammad Ali Palace in Manial

117th anniversary of the Prince Muhammad Ali Palace in Manial

Manial Palace Museum
December 24, 2020 - 12:00 PM
January 24, 2021 - 04:00 AM

A heritage exhibition of a number of oil paintings will be held in the main hall of the Residence Saraya to celebrate the 117th anniversary of the establishment of Prince Muhammad Ali's Palace in Manial, and a number of archaeologists will be allocated to explain free of charge to visitors, with an emphasis on adherence to the precautionary measures and health safety controls during the visit of the palace and the museum. This came within the framework of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’s keenness to activate the internal tourism movement and encourage Egyptians to visit museums and archaeological sites and raise tourism and archaeological awareness among the various groups of Egyptian society. Entry on Thursday to Prince Muhammad Ali’s Palace in Manial, and entry will be free for Egyptians


Enter is free on the opening day

On This Day

Manial Palace anniversary

On this day, Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfiq created this palace to commemorate and honor Islamic arts, according to what is written on the founding text of the palace above the main entrance. Prince Muhammad Ali was famous for collecting antiques, antiquities and valuable collectibles, and he had specialized eyes in this area, their mission to search for rare artifacts and bring them to the Prince to display them in his palace and museum of Al Manial. The prince was characterized by being knowledgeable, lover of science and searching for it, so he was famous throughout his life for his travels and trips around the Arab world and the European world as a researcher and prospector.