Shali village in Siwa Oasis

Shali village in Siwa Oasis


The village of Shali in Siwa Oasis - Matrouh Governorate. "Shali" is a Siwi word meaning city. The village of Shali was built from the material of the archive, which is clay saturated with salt. If it dries up, it becomes similar to cement in its hardness. It is a unique style of construction, and it dates back to the sixth century AH / twelfth century AD.

The city is surrounded by a sturdy building wall that has only one entrance called “The Bab Anshal”, meaning the gate of the City, and on the northern side of the city wall there is the ancient mosque, which is the oldest mosque built with mud in Africa, and after a century passed, a second gate was opened on the southern side of the wall near the oil press called “Bab Athrat”, meaning the new door and a third door opened after a century had passed, called “Qaduha” for women only.

The city includes the Al-Ateeq Mosque and the Sheikha Hasina Mosque, known as the Tandi Mosque, in addition to the city's houses and ruins of its buildings.

The ancient city of "Shali" includes 6 deep water wells that served the people of the oasis in drinking water. The restoration work has been completed, making the village eligible for a visit with its ruins, reflecting the city's history and its historical value.